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Turn the sales meter on with Ola branding in Pune!

It is a common perception that only a high-end brand can afford to do the outdoor promotions in a metro city like Pune in full swing as outdoor advertising is costly. Renting hoardings, banner, posters and billboard sites at busy areas of Pune require lot of money. Moreover, the effect of outdoor advertising is measured from the level of reach and visibility a promotional site offers. Therefore, if a brands wish to create a loud buzz, it must hire sites that have high footfall. So, what if a small brand wishes to go for outdoor advertising in Pune and does not have huge promotional budget?

Well, then the most viable promotional tool is cab branding. Ola and UBER Taxi branding is a form of outdoor advertising where cabs are used as modes of brands promotion. The cabs are laced with advertisements, so that whether it is rider or the on-lookers both receive the brand message loud and clear.

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What makes car advertising a budget friendly option of outdoor advertising in Pune?

Be it Pune or any other metro city like Delhi, Mumbai or Bangalore, cab branding is edge over other outdoor advertising options for the following reasons:

  • Eye -candy: In a city like Pune, where the crowd is a mix of professionals, office goers and students, a colourful cab becomes an eye-pleaser in high-traffic areas. The on-lookers will instantly shift their attention to the cab crossing them with bright and bold visuals on it.
  • Ad gets mobility: Any ad that is displayed on the cab gets mobility as it travels along with the cab. This extends the reach of the brand message, making the brand visible in areas that are either inaccessible or way too expensive to hire by medium budget brands.
  • Easy booking: Booking a fleet of cabs for branding purposes is easier than hiring a hoarding site. For hiring a hoarding site, one must wait for their turn to come, must settle legal hassles and take government permissions to put up the hoarding but with car branding there are not so rigorous rules as of now.
  • Travel time advantage: A cab is booked for an average ride of 40-45 minutes. This travel time is sufficient enough for brand to engage and interact with the customer directly and influenced their buying behaviour.

Who to contact for Ola branding in Pune?

To book cabs for branding needs, one can directly contact the drivers and fix their commission for running the ad or can opt for hiring an outdoor advertising agency that can handle everything from colour, creative, material to legal permissions. Hiring an ad agency is beneficial for the fact that all the work is done by the agency and the client enjoys the outcome.

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