Noida Roads get colorful with Car Branding!

Traffic lights, footpaths and high rise building are all you can see alongside the roads in Noida. But with car branding, Noida roads become colorful and attractive. Taxis or cabs painted with vibrant colours and eye catchy visuals gives otherwise monotonous roads a new vibe. The onlookers as well as the cab riders are inevitably attracted to the visuals. More and more brands are making car branding a part of their outdoor advertising campaign owing to the numerous benefits it has over other outdoor advertising mediums.

How car branding can pump your sales?

In current times where the sale shelf is full of new as well as established brands, it takes a lot of effort to convince the consumer, that the product or service presented is unique. To lure the consumer for picking your brands over others needs smart advertising. Smart advertising is incorporating covert as well as loud brand messages in the advertising campaign so that the consumer is well aware about the brands and its benefits.

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Car branding has a unique approach because:

  • Subtle yet impactful: car branding is not in-to the face advertising. It becomes a part of the audience’s routine when they ride a taxi or are standing ideally on the roadside. By seeing the visuals, the consumer is informed about the existence and benefits of the brand advertised.


  • Unavoidable: The consumer has the power in hands, he can change the TV channel to avoid ads, turn over the pages of magazine and newspaper but he cannot avoid if something lies in front of his eyes. Cab branding especially in-car branding is unavoidable in nature; the rider will definitely see the ad that is paced on the car seats or is playing on the LED screen.


  • Interactive: With car branding the brands can interact with audience directly. Brands like One Plus, Kellogg’s Cornflakes, Huawei, e-bay and many more have offered free samples of products, service experience, demos etc while they are riding the cab to give the consumer an insight of the brand


How the brand is benefited with car branding in Noida?

  • More the ride time, higher the brand exposure: As Noida is close to cities like Delhi, Ghaziabad and Gurgaon, minimum of 45mins ride is booked by a rider. This ride time can be very well utilized by the brands to engage with the target audience and turn them into potential buyers.
  • Affluent target audience:  The riders of private cabs of Noida are mostly professionals, business delegates or people of upper middle class category as Noida is business and IT hub. They are decision makers and have high purchasing power.
  • Increasing Cab culture: With private cab services like OLA and UBER offering personalised rides, these cab services are high in demand in Noida. OLA and UBER both offer luxury and economy rides. They also facilitate consumers with cashless payments, in-car entertainment, cab share options, which make cabs as the most preferred travelling mediums over other public transport facilities.

So, if you think that your brand needs a boost than you must go the cab branding way in Noida.


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