Do away with expensive advertising sites in Mumbai, try car branding instead!

Mumbai, as we all know, is an expensive city in every way. Be it real estate, parking areas or advertising sites, the city is costlier than other metro cities owing to the distinct demographics of the city. Apart from native people, the city is a second home to people who migrate from other cities in search of work opportunities in Bollywood industry or other firms. Diverse audience makes Mumbai a very lucrative advertising city but putting up hoardings, billboards and banners at high footfall sites in this city will cost high on budget.

So, what can be a budget friendly way to advertise your brand? The answer is Cab branding. Yes! Car branding is an absolutely new way to promote your brand without shedding tons of money on hiring hoarding sites.

Perks associated with Cab Branding:

  • Location: The best part about car branding is that your brand ad moves around every nook and corner of the city catching eye-balls from wherever it goes. Unlike hoardings, car branding has the advantage of delivering the communication message to wide spread audience.
  • Undivided attention: During the ride, the rider is relaxed, comfortable and in receptive mood. In-car branding gets the undivided attention of the rider, unlike other advertising mediums he cannot avoid the ad placed in a limited space of which the audience is a part of.
  • Budget friendly: A cab covers an average distance of 100-300km per day; this means any ad put up on the cab also gets an equal exposure. This gives car branding an edge over other outdoor medium that are fixed and have limited exposure.
  • High footfall locations: Cabs are usually booked for railway stations, airports, malls or long travels; this too gives the advertised brands an opportunity to be viewed in the areas of high footfall.

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Tips for effective car branding in Mumbai:

  • Be loud: For car branding especially as car wraps, side panels or roof top ads, use bold colour and attractive copy.
  • Be precise: Car branding is done to grab the target audience on the move. The brands get the rider attention for limited time. Therefore, the ad copy should be short, informative and visually appealing.
  • Be everywhere: Cab branding can only be effective if the cabs are spread across the city in large numbers. Booking a fleet of popular cabs like Ola, Meru, UBER etc. for at least a month will reap desired results.
  • Be practical: Only placing ads inside and outside won’t help, if you desperately want your brand to be on top of the consumer minds, then adapt to new marketing tactics like offering product samples to riders, attaching gift coupons with rides, cash back offers, demos, on the move purchase options and other such attractive offers.
  • Be organised: Don’t just pick any cab for starting the outdoor ad campaign. Do some research on the city, list the cabs that are frequently hired like Ola and UBER and then design the ads accordingly?

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