Utilize the latest trend for business promotion – Car Branding in Lucknow !!

With the need to ensure brand visibility , various companies have been in constant hunting mode for options. Cab Branding is one of most effective and catchy medium which growing number of brands are opting for their promotions in cities like Lucknow.

TheMediaBazaar being India’s leading company have exclusive tie-up with large pool of cabs available with leading cab aggregators like UBER and Ola to advertise on their cabs. We offer taxi advertising services at BEST rates present in the market with minimum execution time.

Call for BEST rates of car advertising in Chennai,Bengaluru,Delhi,Mumbai and Bangalore

Cab Branding benefits –

  1. Low budget compared to expensive traditional hoardings.
  2. Moving billboards (car door branding) , not limited to single geo location.
  3. More visibility as more and more number of people opting for cab services.
  4. Possible in both external (4 doors) and inside the cab (Area on back side of front seat).
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