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Uber way to promote your brand in Hyderabad!

In literal terms ‘UBER’ means something extra-ordinary or supreme. But for Hyderabad people Uber is synonym to ‘Uber cab services‘. Uber is the most popular cab service used by people of Hyderabad for daily travel needs. Uber is operating in this city for long now and the popularity has escalated due to quality service in terms of cars, drivers, ease of booking and timely arrivals. Keeping in mind the increasing demand of cab services, advertisers took advantage of this travel medium and started to turn them into outdoor promotion tools. Now, the brands move on wheels garnering audience’s attention from wherever it goes via Vehicle Branding.

Hyderabad is a hi-tech city with IT firms, educational institutions and entertainment and food outlets being the landmarks of the city. With cab branding the roads of Hyderabad too have got a vibrant look. The brands put up flashy ads with bold colours and attractive creative to lure the target audience and leave a long lasting image in their minds. Brands like subway, Airtel, Ultra-Tech cement and many more have taken the full advantage of car branding and the results have been higher brand awareness and increased sales.

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How to do the cab branding n Hyderabad?

For a compelling cab branding, follow these steps:

  • Research: To begin the branding, do an intensive research on which cab service is popular in the city. Contact the cab service and find out the legal formalities, permissions required and rates of advertisement they offer.
  • Brand promotion pattern: The brands must be clear on the fact that whether they wish to use cab branding as a part of their bigger advertising campaign or wish to use it as a standalone promotional tool. In both the cases the approach and appeal of the car ads would be different.
  • Hire the best in the city: It is important to hire an ad agency that delivers the best creative and practical services in Hyderabad or any other city where the car branding is intended. TheMediaBazaar is an outstanding ad agency that offers unique outdoor advertising solutions for Hyderabad as well as other cities in India at best rates in the industry.
  • Demos, samples and offers: Entice the riders by offering them samples, demos and in-hand experience of the product while they are riding the cab. This will let the brands interact with audience directly.
  • Duration: To book cabs for cab branding purposes you must be clear on the duration of the ad campaign. To generate desired results, one must book a fleet of 10-15cabs for at least a month. The duration will determine the reach and visibility of the displayed ad. Longer the duration, higher will be reach and visibility of the brand.
  • Car models: Be it luxury brand or economic brand, anyone can make use of car branding by choosing different car models for branding purposes. For instance, luxury brands can make use of luxury car models like SUVs to promote themselves while economic brands can use car models like Alto, i10, Indica etc to target specific audience.

A well executed car branding is a sure shot formula for higher brand awareness  and greater reach and visibility.

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