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Outdoor advertising or out-of-home (OOH) advertising was limited to giant hoardings at high traffic areas or areas with high footfall but with the advent of transit advertising, outdoor promotions has change manifolds. Any advertising done on vehicles is known as transit advertising. Be it car, auto-rickshaw, train or buses, any advertisement placed on these mediums fall under transit advertising which is an extension of broader term outdoor advertising.

Kolkata has the taxi culture since ages. Kolkata roads are filled with the signature yellow ambassadors which can also be seen has a heritage of this city. But with changing time, the city has also adapted to new travel mediums. Yes! The people of Kolkata prefer private taxi or cab services over the traditional ones. The popular cab services in Kolkata include:

  • Uber
  • Ola
  • Mega Cabs
  • Meru
  • BookMycab
  • Clear Car Rental

These cab services has taken over the traditional ones as they meet the demand of luxurious, comfortable and fast rides in one.

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Make the most of outdoor advertising through cab branding:

Cab branding is a distinct advertising for it has an interactive approach and not an interruptive one. Cab branding is gaining popularity for the following reasons:

  • Innovative medium: Cab branding has been explored by only few brands in Kolkata and it has worked in their favour. One must take full advantage of any new promotional medium before the nuance of the medium is lost by its rigorous use by other brands. Audience get attracted to something new and but their attention span is very limited. So, if you wish to woo the target audience with something unique than you must get started with cab branding right away!


  • No audience limitations: Cab branding is highly functional when it comes to reaching the target audience. As cabs roam around every area from posh to local lanes, from airports to malls to railway stations, it gives brands the freedom to reach wide audience scattered at different areas in the city.


  • Effective ad placement options: Cab branding allows the brands to advertise for both the riders and on-lookers. The ads placed inside the care such as car seat stickers or laminated ad hangings on head rest or audio-visual ads on the digital screens in the cab entice the riders sitting inside the car while the ads placed on the roof tops, side panels or full cab ads attract eye-balls of the onlookers.


  • Limitless exposure: A cab covers an average distance of 250kms per day. Therefore, ads displayed on the cab remain live for limitless duration. The more the ride bookings, greater will the ad exposure. Even when the cab is parked or stuck in the traffic jam or on halt for traffic signal, the ad is still live and doing its job!

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