Car Branding in Gurgaon: Smart people, smart advertising

Gurgaon now named Gurugram is popular for IT and financial companies. It is fascinating to see that once a barren and scarcely populated village is now one of the most hi-tech and modern cities of India. Gurugram falls under state of Haryana and is a part of national Capital Region (NCR). The city has great connectivity with nearby cities like Noida, Ghaziabad and Delhi.  The route connectivity; business, financial and job opportunities and entertainment options, makes it a complete package for modern society. The current population of the city largely includes professionals, businessmen and job holders.

Talking of brands; they see this city as an opportunity to make themselves visible in a market that is filled with well informed, high-class, brand conscious audience that has high purchasing power. But penetrating into such market also needs proper planning and execution. If the target audience is educated and well informed, the communication must be such that it makes the audience believe that the brand is trustworthy, durable and offers value for money.

Dealing with smart audience!

Brands often try to attract the target audience’s audience by presenting a unique selling proposition, an exciting offer, discounted rates or freebies. While promoting product or service brands must adopt to new ways of advertising, so that, the audience pay instant attention and do not bypass the message considering it as a usual advertisement or promotional gimmick.

Brands can indulge in car branding to attract the target audience and influence their buying behaviour. Car branding or cab branding is gaining popularity especially in hi-tech cities like Gurugram because the riders prefer personal, comfortable and safe rides than overcrowded and un-timely public transport facilities.

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How car branding works?

Car branding is a new and unique dimension of outdoor advertising.  It is designed to influence the audience when they are riding the car in a relaxed mood. The travel time is utilized by brands to pitch in their communication message in a subtle yet effective manner.  Brands can use ad placement options such as:

  • Car seats
  • Car wraps
  • Car roof tops
  • Car side panels

When a person sit in the car wrapped with ads, he inevitably pays attention, as once the ride starts he cannot escape the car space. This kind of outdoor advertising reaps benefits such as:

  • Greater brand awareness
  • Mass reach and visibility
  • Dual audience attention- rider and the on-lookers
  • Effective brand reinforcement
  • Focused audience

To put car branding into use, one needs to take care of the following:

  • Hire popular cab service: It is advisable to choose fleet of taxis or cabs that are high in demand in the city. In this case, Ola and Uber are the most popular cab services in Gurugram.
  • Hire Experts: Hiring cab won’t work alone, one need to channel the car branding in a way that generates desired results. To let your car branding make the most of outdoor advertising hire experts such as Myhoardings for all the outdoor advertising services. The agency provides expert outdoor advertising solutions and have a successful client record.

If executed well, car branding can be a boon to your sales and promotion efforts.

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