Rise above the rest with car branding in Delhi!

It is the best time for any brand to make itself visible through outdoor advertising because in times of technology and speed, this traditional medium is adapting to new ways to tap the consumers.

Traditional outdoor mediums such as hoardings, billboards, posters are always on the top list of brands that wish to target the masses but fewer are the brands that are actually making the best out of outdoor advertising. Brands that are looking for innovative ways to make themselves visible are using car branding as the latest tool to grab the eye balls! Yes, car branding in cities metro cities like Delhi, Bangalore, Kolkata, Pune, Mumbai etc., is gaining popularity owing to the novelty and distinct approach of this medium.

Cab services are not new to people, however the advent of cab booking apps and penetration of private cabs, the cab service trend has become very popular in metro cities. Most popular cab services in Delhi include Ola, Uber, Meru, EasyCbas and many more that operate on the same line. Brands have used the increasing cab culture as an opportunity to present themselves by turning these cabs into mediums of outdoor advertising.

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What comes under cab branding?

Cab branding includes:

  • Car wraps: The ad runs all over the exterior of the cab.
  • Cars seats: Ads are placed on the seat backs.
  • Car Panels: Brands can use either one or both the side panels of the cab for advertising purposes.
  • LED screens: Brands can also play audio-visual ads on the screens that are placed inside the cabs for passenger’s

How car branding is more effective than traditional outdoor mediums like hoardings and billboards?

Car Branding is a new and innovative medium to get hold of the consumer on the move. The unmatched benefits of car branding include:

  • Dual attention: Ads on the cab is seen by both the travellers as well as the onlookers. The attractive visuals catch the attention of both the consumers simultaneously; one who is using the service and the other who is watching the car from a distance.
  • Identity: With bold creative on the car exterior, the cab gets an identity and can be recognised from a distance.
  • Covert in nature: As the ads are introduced without hindering the natural course of the consumer, cab branding is seen as covert yet highly impactful advertising.
  • No time limit: Private cab companies offer their cab services 24×7 and therefore, once the ad is placed on the cab, it is on the ‘play’ mode as long as the cab is offering its service to the clients.
  • No location boundaries: Unlike hoardings and billboards, cabs are always on the move and cover every nook and corner of the city they are operating in. The cabs reach places and areas where other outdoor mediums cannot be used due to local authority restrictions or simply because advertising sites are very expensive.


Cab branding in Delhi can help the brand to break boundaries in terms of reach and visibility.




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