Outdoor advertising gets a new twist with cab branding in Bangalore!

The roads are so overcrowded with hoardings, billboard, posters and banners that until they are larger than life or highly compelling, audience rarely pay attention to them. In times of technology when the target audience spends most of their time on mobile phones while at home or outside, brands really needs to push themselves to get their message across.  Outdoor advertising is experiencing a paradigm shift where the advertisers are acting upon the need of time and picking new ways to make outdoor advertising more interactive in nature.  Earlier, reaching the masses and high visibility was the sole motive of outdoor advertising but today the focus is on being interactive, customised and un-interruptive in nature.

Cab branding in Bangalore: New, unique and effective

Cab branding is a part of outdoor advertising but it is unique in its approach. Cab branding facilitates experimentation and gives brands and consumer ample time to interact with each other. With cab branding you can make the audience aware about the product or service and even offer sample, demos and in-hand experience while on the move. For instance, if a mobile brand opts for cab branding, it can run its ad all over the cab space as well as make the riders experience the phone feature while they reach their destination.

Bangalore is going high on cab branding owing to popularity of cab services like Ola, Uber, Meru, Orange Cabs, Utoo, Zoom cars, Clear car rentals, Savaari  etc. Among these the most hired ones are Ola, Uber and Meru. Bangalore is an IT and educational hub and therefore, the consumer in this city is educated, brand conscious, has high purchasing power and belongs to mostly middle or upper-middle class. This set of audience prefers travelling via cabs for the sake of comfortable and personalised rides. The cab services are generally used for destinations like airports, malls, railway stations and other sites with high-footfall. Bangalore presents a favorable environment for effective cab branding.

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Make cab branding a part of advertising campaign:

Cab branding can be used for definite purposes like

  • Brand awareness
  • Brand Visibility
  • Brand reach
  • Brand reinforcement.

If cab branding is used as a part of an advertising campaign it will definitely reap desired results because the medium will act as a link between all other conventional mediums such as TV, radio and print commercials.  The multi-directional communication will saturate the target audience’s mind and will influence their buying behavior at the time of purchase.

For effective execution of cab branding, involve an advertising agency that operates in Bangalore and also has an experience in designing brand communication for the audience of metro cities. TheMediaBazaar outdoor advertising agency holds an outstanding client record especially in metro cities like Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore. The team of experts at MyHoardings agency offers outdoor advertising solutions that are creative, practical and result oriented. The agency has over 1000 advertising and marketing companies under its wings and operates pan India to facilitate best deals to its clients.




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