Balloon Advertising|Sky Advertising

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Balloon Advertisement

Balloon Aerial marketing is very attractive option in India as we at have fantastic designs available to targete city specific locations. At we try to monetize on the creative potential of your product or brand to achieve branding/advertising results which put you as unique in your own field.We work with our clients closely to define their objectives and work out the most appropriate product to display. It could be a simple labeled Helium gas balloon being used as moving signage OR a high end engineered inflatable balloon that displays your brand services or product. Whatever the product,TheMediaBazaar will work with you to deliver the maximum effectiveness.

Impact Of Balloons

The Eye-catching quotient for Balloon is the heighest among all types of traditional mediums of advertising and marketing.Mostly balloon ad campaigns are executed for smaller durations ranging from a day to 1 week for a single place.It leaves no head unturned/noticed and long lasting impact on mind as well.


Pricing of Balloon sky ads advertising varies from city to city as the cost of permission from municipal corporation and aviation department also comes to account.Contact us for more details.

Benefits of Balloon Advertising

  1. Most Attractive and Visible form of Business Promotion.
  2. People remember and retain balloon ads for longer.
  3. More than just an advertisement, Balloons create brand values and widely used for Brand building activities.


Case study for Balloon advertising

  • Outdoor advertising is that the oldest type of advertising. The outside media includes outside advertising in many forms- like posters, billboards, hoardings, unipoles, translights etc. These may be stated because the ancient media choices. Where as, the globe of out of doors advertising includes of rather more. There square measure non-standardized signs like wayside signs, route advertising and innovative mediums like transit advertising, mall advertising etc. that every one return underneath outdoors' domain. Hence, evolving a additional encompassing type of advertising known as Out-of-Home advertising (OOH) . TMBĀ®