Bag Advertising

Marketing through Product Carry Bags

testTheMediaBazaar help her clients to design innovative carry bags to parcel products, and also run campaigns to distribute bags carrying Business information with contact details, which can be multiple time by persons, indirectly increasing the Brand Visibility among their networks.With uncertain reach, it may get you customers being landed to you from most un-imagined sources.


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Pricing for Bag advertising makes it most enticing option for marketing medium among Low and Small business groups.With starting ranges of bags starting from as low as INR 2, and it's continuous promotion quotient, till the bag perishes,makes more people to opt for this mode of advertisement.For designs and more details.Contact Us.

Benefits of Bag Advertising

  1. Most economical means of marketing
  2. Total Reach: Bags convey your messages to citizens whenever you take them out.
  3. Pouring innovation and attractiveness, increase eye-grab quotient exponentially
  4. Nothing to loose,you may start marketing campaign from very small budgets


Case Study for Innovative Marketing

  • Outdoor advertising is that the oldest type of advertising. The outside media includes outside advertising in many forms- like posters, billboards, hoardings, unipoles, translights etc. These may be stated because the ancient media choices. Where as, the globe of out of doors advertising includes of rather more. There square measure non-standardized signs like wayside signs, route advertising and innovative mediums like transit advertising, mall advertising etc. that every one return underneath outdoors' domain. Hence, evolving a additional encompassing type of advertising known as Out-of-Home advertising (OOH) . TMBĀ®

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