Airport Advertising,Inflight Marketing

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Airport Advertising

    With the days of affordable Indian airlines like Indigo,GoAir etc. a booming economy and increasing number of people having disposable incomes, the amount of frequent flyers is on the increase year by year and so it given boost to Indoor and Outdoor Advertising at Airports is gaining vital momentum across domestic and international airports in waiting lounges,Flight information display etc.This creates additional space for advertisers to spread numerous media out there at airports to achieve the target purchasers effeciently. TheMediaBazaar provides array of premium innovative and eye-catching spaces outside and indoor media sites keeps the travellers delimited and supply a major boost to the image of the complete brand being promoted.
  1. have shut tie-ups with corporations having exclusive rights to the various Airport and Inflight advertising spaces areas across India, a marvel in OOH Media style.TMB is poised to require your Brands to following level. On the anvil are a fleet of recent arrivals that are able to spend :)

Target Audience and Reach

Products and services targeting Rich/Upper Middile/HNI's can carry out best result from advertising and Marketing on domestic and International Indian airports.Reaches more than 20 million frequently flying customers


Pricing for Airport advertising depends on the daily average number of flyers travelling and the visibility quotient of the Hoardings,Banners,Billboards,LED or other advertising media spaces.

Benefits of Airport Advertising

  1. More than 4 million Indians travel hops from various Indian cities to other multiple times a year.
  2. Best media option to target upper-middle,Rich,Ultra Rich class audience.
  3. Extended time visibility advertising for TFT, Plasma and LCD mounting screens across multiple places in Airports.
  4. Provide more impact as average waiting time in airports is more than 40 minutes.


Why Use Outdoor Media Mode of Marketing?

  • Outdoor advertising is that the oldest type of advertising. The outside media includes outside advertising in many forms- like posters, billboards, hoardings, unipoles, translights etc. These may be stated because the ancient media choices. Where as, the globe of out of doors advertising includes of rather more. There square measure non-standardized signs like wayside signs, route advertising and innovative mediums like transit advertising, mall advertising etc. that every one return underneath outdoors' domain. Hence, evolving a additional encompassing type of advertising known as Out-of-Home advertising (OOH) . TMBĀ®